Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Learn About Wine (just drink it!)

I met E over a glass of wine at Christian's Movers+Shakers party at the Esmeralda. Her eyes lit up when I told her about our 3/20 Ace wine party. She really wants to come and asked a question we hear a lot - how could she come to a Winewomen event if she doesn't know anything about wine?

E, you are just the person we want to see at our events! Winewomen PSP is about getting together around wine to have fun and learn about wine with smiles, not pain. Forget wine snobbery - we just want to enjoy new tastes, learn and heighten our wine appreciation, whether your starting point is zero or wine-geek level.

While it's great that wine is finally big news in America, there's still too much wine anxiety swirling around. Drinking and enjoying wine is not a test. What you smell and taste doesn't have to match what's been written in a review or the flavors the lady next to you is reciting. Wine is personal, like food - what you taste and enjoy is uniquely you. You own your palate, and that's what makes wine enjoyment so special, so right. Come find out for yourself, E - hope to see you again at Ace!

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