Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wine and Health

How should we view the latest news about red wine's potential health benefits - as myth or medicine? Once our WinewomenPSP correspondent takes the pulse of medical experts and researchers on this latest controversy, we'll report back to you.

Yesterday's Los Angeles Times devoted nearly its entire Health section to the questions and controversies surrounding red wine and resveratrol's suspected role in disease prevention to its anti-aging potential. You might get a kick out of their whatever-happened-to piece about the ultimate fate of anti-aging gurus, how long they lived and what did them in. (Hint: Jack LaLanne comes out on top.)

If you want to see where the hullabaloo about the French Paradox began, check out the three video installments of CBS News' 60 Minutes, from the first segment in 1991 to the latest dish on resveratrol's anti-aging powers this past January.

We'll give you the skinny in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy a glass of wine or a fistful of juicy red grapes. Salute!

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