Friday, October 9, 2009

Princes of Darkness

Just before our event at Wine Vault of the Desert got underway last Friday, a truck smashed into an electrical transformer, knocking out electricity to the new Desert Business Park across from Palm Desert's Sun City. Would our sold-out Chill with WinewomenPSP show go on? In the dark?

You betcha. Wine Vault director Jeff Frank flew into overdrive to find soft lighting for each table. As the back-up generator hummed along to keep the Vault's wine chilled and unfettered by the hub-bub, the crowd found their way in the semi-dark to take their seats for Wine, Women and Health: Medicine or Myth?

From ancient teachings to the latest scientific findings, the audience learned of scientists' attempts to identify factors responsible for population, laboratory and clinical studies that point to beneficial effects of moderate alcohol and wine consumption on the heart and other vital organ systems, from our brains to our bones.

While many studies favor resveratrol as a key player in the wine-health connection, wine's complex biochemistry suggests other elements may also contribute to health effects scientists continue to track and analyze. Could the whole be greater than the sum of its biochemical parts? If so, whole fruits rich in these compounds or a glass of wine should do the trick.

You can read more about our presenter's take on the topic here but stay tuned – the final chapter has yet to be written.

Wine Vault itself was really cool. Our tour of the 10,000 sq. ft custodial wine storage facility yielded a delightful surprise when manager Jack Dixon told us how affordable storage can be. We'll remember that next time a deal comes along that we needn't pass up for lack of wine TLC or space at home.

Desert Cancer Foundation's executive director Peggy Bilous provided background on that organization's mission and services for ailing Coachella Valley residents in need of medical services. With Jeff underwriting the wine provided by Southern Wine & Spirits and appetizers by Sherman's Deli, our fundraising efforts were a success. A few lucky attendees took home fab prizes, including storage for their wine at Wine Vault and our new, cool WinewomenPSP logo wine aerator. More on that lovely in another post.

Out of the darkness, we'd seen the light and headed home with kicked-up wine smarts. See you next on October 23rd for an evening under the stars with soprano Angela Bunea, wine and the Mediterranean culinary marvels of Miramonte Resort and Spa!

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